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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frosting, anyone???

Ok, I know, that wasn’t nice…especially if you’re a sugaraholic, like me, you were probably thinking this was going to be some amazing (cupcake) frosting recipe or sugar cookies with yummy frosting…but no.  Sorry, but I couldn’t help it.  (insert mischievous laugh).  But it really does say “Frosting” on the Valspar can, so don’t be too mad at me.  Alright, I’ve gone enough off track. So, here are some more pictures of frosted glass (sorry I didn’t get them up yesterday, but school is kicking my behind right now).  I used regular votive jars, that I found at GW or another thrift store, and did the same technique as with the Mason Jars (you can see that here)  They are so cute.  They can be used for much more than just candles, too.  The ones with lids could hold “cookies in a jar” (or any other gift in a jar recipe), you could add someone’s favorite Starbucks coffee and give it with some Biscotti.  You could fill them with Reese’s Pieces, or M & M’s (or any other fave candy).  The possibilities are endless!!!  I apologize, in advance for these pictures…they aren’t the best.  I just couldn’t get a good photo of them with a lit tea light (does anyone have tips on that?  Please let me know!).  The last picture is just the jars, unlit, so you can see the shape, and that they were just plain votive jars.  I guess I should have titled this post “Hi, my name is Kelli, and I’m addicted to Frosting”.  Sadly, it’s true.  It’s so much fun!!!  Have you frosted anything lately?? 


100_1973 (this one is my favorite!)





I hope you’ve been encouraged and inspired to try something new (and so easy!).  Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here (and what you’ve been up to!).

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  1. Oh.My.Goodness. these are the most adorable bits of frosting I have ever seen! :) I love them all!! You are amazing!

  2. Hey Kelli,
    Those are sooo cute. I am going to have to try to make some for gifts. May email you for more instructions. Sometimes I just can't figure stuff out. Good job on those.

  3. wow I absolutely love this! I just found your blog and MUST try this out!