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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



ok, so I’m a bit late in announcing it, but WOO-HOO!!  I was featured at House of Hepworths (for my Frosted Mason Jars), you can see it here.  I didn’t even know until several days later, because, although she sent me a comment, it got stuck in ‘moderation’, and I never check over there (well, now I do!).  I was so excited!  Her blog is amazing.  Allison is so creative and talented, and I was just floored that she’d even look twice at my little ole crafts!!!  So, while I’ve been crazy with crafts these past weeks (sorry for the lack of posts!), I thought it was about time I shared my excitement with you!  (Yeah, I’m still like a little kid with my blog…I’m always so excited when someone leaves me a comment).  It is sometimes scary to share your passions and creativity,  in fear of rejection, but everyone has been so kind (especially with my ‘dork’ post!).  I think the last craft (ugly wreath!) kind of shook me…silly, I know, but it didn’t turn out like I wanted, and I could hear the crickets (still can), after writing that post.  I felt very alone in my failure.  Rediculous, I know…anyway, what do you do when your horse bucks you off?  That’s right, you get right back on!  So, I’ve been crafting for the Bazaar, where it’s comfortable.  I need to find another new project to shake things up again…I think I’m ready…

Thank you all for stopping by! I will be posting more crafts this week, I promise!!

Have a good night…


  1. I totally saw you on that blog, I thought for sure you knew!!!! How exciting :) What craft shows are you going to be at? I'd love to see you, and I love going to craft shows :) Missing you at MOPS lately!!!

  2. Isn't it just so exciting to be featured. Way to go!! Great project too.

  3. Congratulations! I've just been featured for the first time too :) It's nice to know people enjoy your stuff!

  4. That is so cool Kelli!!! So thrilled for you. Love your creativity.