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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It’s Good to be Back!

Did you miss me?  Well, I surely missed you, and this wonderful world of modern technology.  For 2 weeks, I’ve been stuck in the past, with (gasp) dial up…can you even imagine?  Unfortunately, I didn’t have to imagine it, I was living it.  It was awful.  The first day, I tried to visit a blog I follow, and no kidding, it took 5 MINUTES from the time I clicked the link from my blog, for that blog to open up.  That was the last time I visited my blog (or any).  It was so ridiculous.  Now, just listen to me whine…I know there are many more important things in this world to complain about, but really…5 minutes?  During my self imposed (for the sake of my sanity) hiatus, I worked feverishly on Christmas crafts for the upcoming bazaar.  Later tonight, I hope to have some pictures to share…it’s hard to get back in the groove of my blog, since I’ve been gone so long!  But, thanks for waiting…I really did miss you.


  1. Yes we did miss you and are glad to have you back in action :) Looking forward to seeing your handy-work. I could do with some creative inspiration. Can't believe it's Christmas next month!!!

  2. yay!!!! pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!! Also--how are you able to craft without little people getting into everything?? I wish I could do more (or any at all)