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Monday, April 25, 2011

Completed Crafts!

HI Everyone! I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend.  Ours was wonderful.  My sister came over for the weekend and we spent some time finishing our bunny craft,  hiding eggs for the kids, creating an Easter Feast, and on Sunday, after all the fun activities, we went to the cemetery to plant a beautiful mini rose bush at our parents’ grave.  It really was a nice weekend.  (What a bad mom I am, as I just realized I didn’t get any pictures of the kids this weekend!  Wow…bad mom award, right here! ).

ANYHOO…Before the weekend, I actually completed a couple of other crafts (I just didn’t get a chance to post them).  Do you remember the “Home” set I made for my friend (you can see it here)?  Well, all she had for the “O” was a shamrock…uggghhh…I just couldn’t get my mojo going…but I finally got her a couple of other ones made, and here they are:


She has a bunny or an egg, I got the bunny idea over at Maryberry Boutique ( here), for Easter/spring, and I finished her snowman for winter (I know the snowman isn’t perfectly round, but that gives him character, right?).  I’m still working on the others, and it’s coming along (finally!).

And, these are the bunnies I made for my sister and I:


I had them cut and painted by the time she got here, and let her decide how to personalize it.  Mine is on the right, hers on the left. She pretty much did everything opposite of me…just like old times Smile   I have to give a shout out to Spare Time Sanity, because that’s where I first saw a bunny like this.  I think hers was a kit she bought (not sure), and it had an Easter egg, but I wanted mine to be more spring-y, so she could stay out longer! I’m really proud of this craft, because I drew the bunny, cut it out and even figured out the carrot (I couldn’t find a cute wood carrot anywhere, so I came up with my own).  I think they turned out pretty cute!  This project really gave my confidence a boost, and now I’m ready to try more...unfortunately, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and it’s raining outside right now (I don’t have a garage, so I use a workbench outside to cut and paint my projects).  Oh well, maybe today I’ll just draw up some more cute characters!

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  1. Kelli... those bunnies are just too darn cute! I miss having kiddos at holiday times!