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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Girls’ Weekend!

This last weekend was fantastic…both of my sisters were here…at my house!  My oldest sister, Kim, lives in Idaho, and I only get to see her once a year (if I’m lucky).  My other sister, Tammy, lives in Finley, and I see her all the time (yay!).   To make it even better, my husband and all three boys went camping! It was truly a girls’ weekend.  Smile

girls weekend 011

Tammy-Kim- Me

girls weekend 004

Eliana – Zoya (we don’t have the pool up yet, so they made do, with water in the wheel barrow and wagon). 

It was so relaxing and just absolutely enjoyable to visit and laugh and make fun of each other, just like old times… just us girls!


On another note, my email is still messed up, so I’ve changed it, in hopes of actually getting my messages…I’m so sorry if you’ve contacted me and I haven’t responded (especially Janine and Gail), but I literally got about 15 messages today (some even dated back to January!).  The poor woman who’s been inundated with my messages just forwarded them to me.  I’m hoping the problem is solved!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey lovely friend. So glad that you got to have this special time with your sisters. I had mine over last month with all her little girls. They are just the sweetest times! Nothing like girl time with a sister who is like a best friend. Sending you BIG hugs xxx

  2. Love the picture of you and your sissies!!