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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lamp for my daughter

Hi! Well, a few months ago, I fell in love with the lamps at Dimples and Dandelions, but, unfortunately, not so much with the price! So, I decided to make one for my daughters' room. Unfortunately, I cannot download the 'before' picture, but the lamp was UGLY. I got it at an antique store for $5. the base is plastic and was a mauve color, while the shade was black. (yes, black!) So I painted the base white, and was worried about the plastic (I didn't buy the spray paint made for plastic), but it has held up wonderfully. I then stripped the black fabric off the shade and recovered it in this fabulous lavender and white (with a very girly silvery accent), and added the feather boa trim. I LOVE this lamp! It was hard to give up, although my girls were begging for it to go in their room...I still love it. I would love to make one for my craft room...someday...So, for this total makeover, here is the cost breakdown:
Lamp $5 Fabric $3 Boa $3

I already had the ribbon, spray paint and fabric glue. So, for $11 I made this fab lamp...while I still admire the ones at Dimples and Dandelions, I am now excited to make my own version, and save at least $180 in the process (score!).
And, just a note, my hubby's camera is showing that date on every photo...even though I just took it today...guess I need to fix that! :)
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