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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remove Your Shoes

Hello again! Here is another project, this one was inspired by Remove Your Shoes How Does She... (I just love them!)

I made two versions, one for inside the house (the big black framed one), and one for the outside ... I love pictures of kids' feet, they are soooo cute!! For the 'outside' picture, I had found a metal picture on clearance at Kohl's, for $1.49. I didn't like the little picture they had in the center of the frame, but I figured I could find a use for it somewhere...well, this is what I did: I mod podged a background paper, then mod podged the photo and the stickers on top of that. Simple! It's still inside my house, because I haven't made it over to Michael's to buy the clear acrylic sealer that I need to put on, before it goes to the front porch. The 'inside' picture was made in a frame that I already had laying around the house, and I added the chipboard letters, spray painted black, and they are mounted onto the back side of wrapping paper (it was the only thing I could find to fit in the back of the was so big!). I just made mats for each picture, to make them stand out a little, and that was done out of paper I already had (I have a little paper addiction!). So, I paid $1.49 plus the cost of printing the pictures, and that was for both projects! (of course, I still need to buy the sealer, which will be around $6 with the coupon). I love being thrifty, and of course, I love having pictures of my kids around the house...even ones of their chubby little feet!! Now, some may be wondering why I wanted these...well, my husband is from Russia, and it was their custom to remove shoes when entering someone's home, as a sign of respect. I know there are a lot of cultures who do that, but I certainly didn't grow up that way, so it took me awhile to get on that wagon...(but having five kids and wood floors has helped!) is very important to him, and it was his suggestion, once he saw the 'inspiration'( thanks to the gals at How Does She). I think they turned out cute, and regardless of whether anyone pays attention, I love them!!

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