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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I survived my first Christmas Bazaar!

Yay!  I survived.  And had fun.  And met lots of nice people.  And made a bit of a profit.  It was exhausting, but so totally worth it.  I’m glad I did it, and we already have plans for next year!  This is what my part of our booth looked like (I only had one picture of Lauren’s half, and it didn’t turn out…BUT her creations were amazing.  She is so talented, and it was such a blessing to spend the day with her!).



















And here are some close ups of the subway art I made:


I love this saying.  I’ve seen it all over blogland, so I’ll try to

track down where I found it, so I can give her credit!  (***NOTE:  I searched

all over, and cannot find where I found it, or where I saw the cute

raffia idea…if it’s you,  please contact me, so I can give you credit!!).

I made these double sided…each one had a Christmas saying and on the

other side, either fall themed saying, or the “Say…” one.  I liked the idea of

being able to use them more than just at Christmas.































Well, that’s my sharing for today. Thank you for your patience with me…it’s been a crazy 2 weeks!  Next year, I’m definitely going to start planning earlier…2 months is just not enough (when you add in 5 kids, a husband and homeschooling!).  Crazy.  anyway, it’s too much fun to give up on :)

Please leave a message and let me know you were here. 


  1. Your subway blocks are adorable. You are so talented! I had hoped to be able to come and see you at the Bazaar, but we ended up having four other places that we needed to be yesterday. Sorry I didn't make it. Glad to hear that it went well!

  2. CONGRATS!!! I am sooo envious! I want to see more pics. It all looks amazing.


  3. Was good to see you at the Bazaar! Your creativity is amazing! -Tara

  4. Who's awesome? Kelli-with-an-I, that's who! Tara forwarded the link to your blog. It's been bookmarked and moved to the top of the list. Can't wait to keep on what's new with you.


  5. Hope you read this...please email me at know that's either the same or similar to an email you have with gmail...I'm getting replies to the comments you post on the something somewhere is wrong. And further...when I contact you using the email in your profile? It comes to me...blogspot and gmail suck as far as helping me fix this...and since this is the only way to contact you I have to do it this way...I've just spent the better part of the afternoon searching for a way to handle this better and to be honest I'm quite frustrated at this I hope you can forgive me.