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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Subway art and Christmas Countdown Clipboard

HI!!!  I hope you all had a  wonderful Christmas… We sure did!  I’m finally getting to a couple of pictures (that should’ve been posted at the beginning of the month!).  The pink Countdown Calendar is one of my favorites…sadly it didn’t sell at the craft show.  I knew when I made it, that it would take a special person to buy that one…a very ‘girly-girl’ kind of person.  Since it didn’t sell, it became a Christmas gift for a sweet little 3 year old girl, who is friends with my sweet 3 year old…and she LOVED it! 

The Subway is a special one I made for a very special friend.  On the other side, is the “O Holy Night” (like in this post), but I wanted to personalize this side, so I put words that symbolize our relationship.  She’s a wonderful friend, a sweet woman of Christ, and is truly like a sister to me…I love her and am so thankful to be blessed with her friendship.100_2043








Thanks for stopping by…tomorrow I’ll show you what my very special friend gave me for Christmas!!! (I’m still freaking out!).

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