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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines for the kids!

I know, I know, way to wait till the last minute, huh?  Well, I really have no excuse.  And, now that I’m done, I can’t imagine what took me so long to make these.  They literally took less than 30 minutes, I didn’t have to spend money (except for the candy), and it was simple.  HMMMM.  Not sure why I waited…anyway, I think they turned out super cute, and I know my kids will love them.  These are a variation of the candy sliders I made for Christmas, except (obviously) these are for Valentine’s Day.  I made the girls’ very ‘girly’ and the boys’, more ‘manly’ (since my 14 and 12 year olds are feeling so grown up and manly lately…).  I also decided to make up little certificates that allow each of them to take a day off of their jobs (aka ‘chores’).  Who doesn’t love a break from that?  I know I would!  I also bought each of them a book ( I really like to skip traditions like a box of chocolates, stuffed animals, etc. for this holiday, and go with what I think is something they’ll really treasure).100_2100100_2101100_2103

On another note, my craft room is fabulous!  I actually completed this fun craft IN.MY.ROOM.  Scary.  Before, I had to bring all the supplies downstairs (after moving a bazillion boxes of stuff), because I had no counter space for crafting.  Soon, I will show you the fantastic before/after of my room.  I’m waiting, because I want the full effect of the room.  Right now, I haven’t gotten to paint my new work surfaces, and nothing matches (yeah, I’m weird like that!). So, hopefully soon, you’ll see my fun (and most importantly FUNCTIONAL) new craft room!

Thanks for stopping by…and again, thanks for not giving up on me!

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