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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hand Painted Wood Fireworks

I have to admit, I love the 4th of July…I  love what it stands for and I love the American Pride you see displayed, like no other time of the year…I love BBQ and fireworks at the park (and in front of our house)…and I really love the memories of going to a family reunion every 4th of July…I love it all!  Sadly, I don’t have any decorations (until now).  I’ve seen wooden fireworks on Etsy and on a few blogs (Maryberry Boutique, for one), so I decided to make my own.  They were so easy!  The hardest part was figuring out the wick…I think my next set will have a different wick (I love the one on Maryberry Boutique,with the stars, so I think I’ll imitate her genius!). But, I made these wooden fireworks out of 2x2s. They were super cheap, and  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I do think they need a little somethin’ somethin’, but I’m not sure what…what do you think?  What would you add (or take away)??


They look a bit lonesome sitting on the shelf by themselves, so I’m working on some other 4th of July projects as well. 

On another note, I am just finishing up an order for 2 of the “HOME” sets I showed you here.  I’ll post all the fun “o" decorations I made!  It’s been waaaay more work than I anticipated, but they turned out pretty cute.

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  1. Kelli-I think those are adorable! :) great job.

    I like the wicks on mayberry boutique, but until I saw them I thought yours were great. No need to change them. :)

  2. I love those!! Can I place an order for some?? :) I'm serious. :)