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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Little Randomness…

First, for my ramblings, I submit to you a blog that has had me in tears so many times over the past month:  CAKE WRECKS.  It’s always a great pick-me-up, if I’m in a grouchy mood (who me?).  You HAVE to check it out, well, you have to, only if you have a sense of humor, because that is definitely required.  I must admit, I’m a total spaz (but I’ve already owned up to that one), because the first time I visited Cake Wrecks, I thought they were home made cakes…and I was a bit, ummm, confused as to why they were making fun of some of them, because they were better than what I could do.  (While, admittedly, some of them were truly awful).  Then, I noticed the little line under the blog name, where it tells you they were professionally made cakes (and also, in all honesty, seeing price tags on the cakes was a bit of a clue…blonde?  sometimes!).  So, please, do yourself a favor, and go check it out…but I warn you, you can spend hours there, asking yourself “why?”.  Really, like “why would a professional cake decorator try to sell that?”.  Yeah, there are some serious wrecks…but it’s fun!

ok, for another, totally off (craft) topic random tidbit…do you watch Deadliest Catch?  Yeah, you know you love it!  Well, I’ve been addicted since day one (and have the tiniest little,itty,bitty crush on Edgar)…anyway, now I’m smiling and sighing…he can totally distract me, and don’t worry, the hubs knows about it, he too, just smiles and sighs (although not for the same reason, I’m sure).  OK, off track again (you see why this is titled ‘Randomness’?), anyway…..Last Saturday Captain Keith (from the Wizard) was actually here.  Not here, in my house, (although I thought it’d be nice to have him over for dinner),  but here in my town!  I live in a somewhat small and out of the way area, and not very many celebs come here (yes, he IS a celeb, at least to Deadliest Catch Fans), and my son and I went to meet him.  Sadly, we waited in line over two hours, and by the end of hour 1, he had to leave to catch his flight.  We didn’t get individual pictures taken with him, but we got in a ‘group’ one, right before he left, and he even came up to Dima and I and apologized (yes, it was really meant just for us, even though there was about 100 other people there, it was personal, he really was sorry that Dima and I didn’t get to sit and chat with him…he said so!).

003(that’s him in the middle with the khaki shorts and hat, me to the left a mile).

But, his brother Monty (or Mouse, if you watch the show), stayed behind to sign autographs, for another hour and a half.  And, of course, they ran out of signed pictures, THREE people ahead of us, and of course, my camera battery died as I handed it to the agent to take our picture…seriously? I couldn’t believe it. We were there for all that time and the camera dies?  UGGHHH.  Well, at least it wasn’t Edgar I was waiting to see (because if it was, I would’ve been in line for three days, and made sure I had charged the battery and brought something for him to sign, and worn makeup, and dressed nicer, and , and , and…).  Yeah, small crush.  Thankfully my son had his IPOD Touch, and we got a picture with that.


They were both super nice and friendly and down to earth…both apologizing profusely for the lack of time and that they just hadn’t expected the large turnout.  It was fun, and Dima and I are both looking forward to the next visit by a captain and his brother (Sig, Edgar…please!).  We’ll see, but for now, it was great fun!

Thanks for stopping by!  Do you have any Deadliest Catch crushes stories to share?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  Oh yeah, and when you’ve visited CAKE WRECKS and you’ve stopped crying and can form coherent words, leave me a comment and let me know your favorite WRECK!

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