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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water Balloon Flip Flops

HI!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We relaxed, ate, watched fireworks, comforted the dogs, and had fun! 

While visiting Someday Crafts a few days ago, I saw this project by guest blogger Kelly from Running with Glitter  and knew I had to try it.  It looked so easy, and so very cute.  So, today while I was at Target I picked up 2 packages of water balloons, knowing that if I gave the kids a whole package,  I’d probably have enough quiet time to finish this off.  So here is my version:




and here is how it started:


Water balloons, flip flops, string, (Diet Coke and Hot Tamale flavored Cotton Candy weren’t needed for this project, but made me oh-so-happy!).

  I tied 4 water balloons together with string, then used the ‘tails’ of the string to tie them onto the flip flops.  I then tied one water balloon around the bundle, to cover the string.  I tried it Kelly’s way, but kept breaking the balloons, so I had to improvise! I think I ended up using 4 bundles on each side of each flip flop.  Because my little choo-cha has Fred Flintstone feet, I didn’t go all the way down the straps.  As it is, they are now a bit snug for her to get on (I bought her 2 pairs, and the other pair goes on fine, so I’m glad I quit when I did!).  They are so cute, she calls them her “party shoes”.  And, like Kelly did, I wanted to make a coordinating hair accessory, but since I didn’t have a barrette, I used a rubber band (ok, not a rubber band like you have around your newspaper,but I’m having a brain fart and cannot remember the name of it!  It’s a little covered one…can anyone help here???) and tied 8 water balloons around one side.  That way, I can still put it in her hair easily.



I think I might just make myself a pair of those flip flops! And, what I really love is that all the fun colors make them match just about anything in her wardrobe!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That makes my night!!!!!!!! REALLY!!
    We call it a hair tie around here :)
    I'm going to share this over a the Glitter Facebook page tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!!! YEAH!

  2. too cute! I all them "ponytail holders". :)
    Love flip flops of any kind! great job Kelli
    love that adorable model you have there!

  3. So cute!!!!! I totally want to make my daughter some now!!

    Thanks for the tutorial.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  4. CUTE! If my daughter was still little I'd be making her some asap! :-)


  5. You my friend are so full of stellar ideas! I'm so glad I found you today...keep up the great work! Vicki