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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can’t beat a FREE chair!

I love Craigslist…well, most days I love Craigslist.  When I try to sell something and get a ton of spam, then I don’t love them so much.  But, when I get something FREE…the love is back.  This little beauty was free. 

100_1676Can you even imagine, someone put her out by the garbage can and left her there.  When I saw the ad, I knew it was meant to be.  I ran (actually drove) over as quickly as possible (without getting a ticket), and there she was (insert sigh here…).  I love this chair.  It is sooooo incredibly comfortable, and one day, when I get the nerve to try and reupholster her, she will be beautiful again.  Of course, I think she is already beautiful, and warm, and inviting…oh yeah, I LOVE this chair!  Hopefully I will try the reupholstering  thing soon, so I can post her “After” photo!  I’m a bit nervous about it, though…does anyone have any suggestions/helpful hints/airfare to fly over and help me…just kidding (not really, if you want to help I’ll meet you at the airport!).  Anyway, I’m linking up to some fun parties…go check them out and join the party with one of your fabulous projects!



6 Inches of Ribbon


  1. R U kidding? Free? Didn't know such a thing existed. Good for you. Are those 3 with the fish just precious?

  2. Man! I love that chair too! Annnd your cabinet in the last post! Sooo gorgeous! What a find!

  3. That is a classy chair. If it is comfortable, all the better! I would start with a steam cleaning. even if you decide to reupholster you want it to be as clean as possible.
    I have not had luck with craigslist.
    But spam on the blog is up hundreds of per cent this week.

  4. This IS a great chair. Thanks so much for linking up with 6 inches of Ribbon.

  5. Hey Kelli...
    Going through all your posts and found this little goodie you snagged!! My neighbor put a chair similar to this out in their trash, so I hauled it to my house (yes, her TRASH became my treasure!). My niece from Design Intervention (who I see you are already following), has some great tutorials on redoing furniture. I had her look at my chair when I first started this whole thing, and once she told me how easy it was I was no longer intimidated (of course I STILL haven't redone it because I wasn't sure of the fabric). This type of chair is the EASIEST kind to try out your skills on. Just make sure that you take lots of pictures or notes as you take it apart. You will go in the reverse order as you start putting it back together. Do you know that a LOT of these chairs have the cording just hot glued on? Once you take that off and expose all the staples, you are ready to start your demolition (I mean "makeover"). Don't be intimidated - what's the worst that can happen? The chair was free, so if you're willing to risk a little work and about 1 1/2 yards of fabric, you could soon have your first reupholstery project under your belt! Good luck!!!!!