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Friday, July 23, 2010

Got Cupcakes???

Before we talk Cupcakes (yes, I capitalized it…I love them that much!)…I have been crazy with my kids’ VBS this week.  No projects getting done, just running all over town, chasing kids, trying to wear them out from the sugar overload, and preparing for two birthdays next week…Nikolai will turn 12 on Sunday, and Sasha will turn 6 on Monday.  It’s been a bit crazy!  Sorry for the lack of projects, but VBS was absolutely AMAZING this year, and so worth the lack of sleep and the bazillion miles I put on the van (about half of which was spent looking for Spongebob figures for Sasha’s cake)!  I wish they (the Youth Group that came into town from the other side of the state) would come back and do an adult version VBS to inspire and encourage us ‘older kids’.   It was so neat!!! 

ok, now on to the real inspiration for this post…Oh how I love cupcakes!  Not necessarily the kind you eat…although I do love those, but more so, the ones that you can decorate with, wear, etc.  They just make me smile. And, speaking of smiles,  I made some chocolate 100_1740cupcakes, and had to take a picture of my ‘baby’,  Zoya enjoying one!  That’s how you eat a cupcake…you go girl!

Doesn’t that look yummy?    :)

Now, for the ‘other’ cupcakes…About a year ago, I was watching Cupcake Challenge on Food Network, and one of the contestants was wearing a Johnny Cupcakes shirt, with the Cupcake and Crossbones….seriously…I almost had a heart attack!!!  LOVE IT…HAVE TO HAVE IT…(insert sigh ). So, I have been looking (searching, obsessing, frantic, etc) for the past year, for a shirt like that.  Sadly (for me) they are quite popular (ie=quite expensive for my budget)…so I just check ebay every once in a while (drool, dream, wish, sigh) just to look at them.  Then a few days ago, I was at a local thrift store, looking for some fun summer shirts for my kids’ Beach (VBS) theme, and in the boys department, I came across this shirt… can you even believe it??? A Genuine Johnny Cupcakes shirt!!! 100_1744 WOO-HOO!!!  I seriously snagged this little baby and held onto it dearly, until we cleared checkout.  Now, for thrift store clothes, I usually try to stay around $1.99, unless it’s something brand new and name brand.  But, in this case I made an exception.  Now, this is a huge exception, especially when you consider that this would probably fit my 7 year old daughter, and therefore, has no chance of showing up anywhere on my body  (notice I said “would” fit, not “will” fit!).  I didn’t care…I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT.  ahhh (nice sigh of contentment). I paid $4.99 for it…still sticker shocked, but compared to the $30 price for a new one…I’m thrilled!  So, my plans?  Starve myself to try and fit into this awesomely cute shirt???  Yeah right!  (remember, I love chocolate, cupcakes, etc?).  No.  Instead, it has plans to become wall art.  I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do, but in preparation, I’ve already altered the color scheme in my craft room, to accommodate this fantastic little piece of art (previously there was no blue in my room…now there is). Yeah, I’m crazy for cupcakes…hey, that’s kinda catchy….maybe that should’ve been my blog name?  oh well.  So, do you love cupcakes?  Do you have any ideas for transforming a shirt into art??  Please, leave me a comment, and let me know.  I really appreciate your comments!!!

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  1. Hey Kelli,
    You could always cut the sleeves off the front and cut the back off and attach it to some cardboard and then frame it. That is all I could think of real quick. Also wanted to let you know of a blog I found that seems really neat. You probably already know of it or others like it. She helps you with your blogs. I just have looked at a couple of posts but I plan to return and find out how to do so much with my blog.