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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Birthdays and a Keeper!


Well, this past weekend was busy and fun!  My big boys (Nik and Dima) went camping overnight with their dad.  Nik (the birthday boy on Sunday) got to take his best friend along.  They came home Sunday evening, opened presents, ate Mud Pie (Nik’s request as a birthday cake the past two years).  This year it was Peanut Butter ice cream Mud Pie.  Yummy!!  Then, on Monday we had a small party for Sasha’s 6th birthday.  It was so much fun, and he said (several times) “this is the best birthday EVER”.  It was so sweet.  A lot of fun in a short amount of time!  Birthday boy pictures….100_1749

(that is Nik in the black tank, his friend Ryan in the blue shirt, and his brother Dima in the background).



And, there is Sasha, checking out his Spongebob cake…sadly, I didn’t make it this year.  I couldn’t find the figures anywhere, so I went ahead and ordered it.  It was perfect, and he didn’t mind that I didn’t make it for him.






To add to the excitement of the weekend, my resident fisherman, Dima (ok, I have 2 resident fisherman, Dima and his dad!) was sturgeon fishing with his dad (when they went camping) and caught his first keeper!  It was 46” and about 70 pounds…he could barely hold it up…but look at him smiling (that’s about as big as a smile as he has ever had…he’s 14 and very serious…not into all the foolishness of ‘kids’ as he says LOL).

100_1746 So, like I said, a very exciting and fun weekend for everyone!  And, to make it even better (although, technically it was Monday night), I scored a free cabinet on Craigslist, and am in the process of sanding it right now!  I’ll post pictures of the project when I’m done…hopefully by the end of the week.

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