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Saturday, December 17, 2011


ok, so it’s not really his belly…but I bet it’s somewhat like this (full of chocolate!).

crafts 003

This is a repurposed container from paper flowers I bought at Michael’s.  I cleaned it out and just glued my ‘Santa’ ribbon to the top, and added buttons, ribbon for a belt and a puff paint belt buckle.  I think it’s cute.  Simple and cute.

I like to give little gifts to various people who make me smile…like my mailman, the wonderful ladies at my favorite McDonalds, the paper boy, etc.  This little cutie is going to the sweetest lady, Norma, at McDonalds.  Trust me, they have the very best Diet Coke EVER!  I drive an extra 4 miles (bypassing 2 closer ones) just to get the yummy addiction of my life.  They never give me a regular coke (which happens often at the other ones), and they always, always, smile.  I appreciate that.  Last year I took  gifts to the ladies I see the most.  Norma is my favorite, but sadly, I didn’t know she was diabetic, and last year she got a lot of chocolate (oops!).  So this year I bought her a variety of sugar free goodies and put them into this cute Santa belly. I can’t wait to take it to her next week!  If you have people in your life that make you smile, I encourage you to let them know.  It can make such a difference in someone’s day to be acknowledged.  Just like it makes a difference in my day, to see a smile behind the counter (instead of a grumpy face).  Spread some joy this Christmas (and you’ll receive joy in return!).

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