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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funky Desk

Last week, I got a small kids’ desk for free, off of Craigslist.  A few weeks before, my sister and I had picked up a very similar one that was solid oak…so…I assumed, since this one looked almost identical (even the hardware!), that it, too, was oak.  Since the description said it needed some work on the top, I figured all was good, and I was going to luck out.  I didn’t bother asking if it was oak when I called.  Well, after driving for about 45 minutes (including going in several large circles, because the woman didn’t remember the street names…seriously!??!), I arrived.  The desk, was not oak…but cheap sauder, and in bad shape. 100_1848 But, I took it anyway, it was free, and I figured I could play with it.  I brought it home and cleaned it up, sanded lightly and painted it white.  The top was so badly damaged, it couldn’t be left painted, so I decided to cover it.  This was going to be a little ‘vanity’ for my two girls, so I wasn’t too worried about perfection, just the cute factor.  Their room is lavender with pink and white accents.  I couldn’t find wrapping paper (which is what I was looking for) with just those colors, but I found this… 100_1873oh my, I fell in love.  It’s so fun and funky and whimsical.  Plus, it includes many other colors, so when my mood my girls’ mood changes and they want a different color, we are set!  I used spray adhesive to glue it on the top and drawers.  Now, I must add, when I did this, it was PERFECT…no bubbles at all.  I was thrilled!  I even added two light coats of a clear spray sealer.  Still no bubbles.  For two whole days, it was perfect.  (outside). 100_1872  Then, I brought it into their room.  An hour later, the top has bubbles and wrinkles.  I’m so bummed!  I can’t figure it out…maybe the change in temperature?  It was about 85 degrees outside, and 72 in the house?  I don’t know.  But, my oldest daughter doesn’t mind (even though it’s driving me insane!).  I think I’ll probably add Mod Podge to the top, for added protection, since it already has bubbles (I initially tried to use Mod Podge, but could not get it to apply smoothly enough, so I went with the spray adhesive instead.  (Does anyone have a trick on how to apply thin paper without getting bubbles or wrinkles???). So, while it’s not high quality furniture, it’s ok.  My girls are 2 and 7, so I’m sure eventually, I’ll find them a real vanity, but for now, they are thrilled with this one, and I think it turned out pretty cute, too.

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