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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vinyl ‘Bowls’

A while back, I bought a bunch of albums for a craft.  Well, that craft didn’t turn out like I had envisioned, and I’ve had these records sitting in my craft room ever since.  Yesterday,  I found a craft I was willing to try…vinyl ‘bowls’.  I made my first one last night, and while it didn’t turn out perfect, it was easy, I mean REALLY easy, and it looked pretty neat (my 12 year old son wanted it to put his keys, glasses, etc. in!).  So this morning, I did 3 more, playing with the shape of each one.  I think after more practice, I’ll be much better at it (and trust me, I have  A LOT more vinyl).  So, what do you think??  I put my daughter’s hair pretties in one, but I think you could put just about anything in them.  One bit of advice, if you’re putting food into them (a rockin’ 50’s party?), make sure you use a liner, because they cannot be cleaned with water (I know, pretty obvious, but I thought I’d share, just in case…).  100_1786







I didn’t take pictures of the process, but trust me, it’s so simple, and takes only about 3 minutes!  There are a lot of tutorials out there, but this is what I did:

Supplies Needed:

Quart mason jar  ~  Pint mason jar   ~    cookie sheet   ~    oven   ~    vinyl album

1)  Set oven to 200 degrees, place pint sized mason jar onto counter

2)  Get a cookie sheet and place a quart sized mason jar in the center

3)  Center your vinyl album on top of the quart jar

4)  Carefully place in the oven

5)  After about one minute, check it…when it appears droopy, it’s ready to come out

6)  You only have about 20 seconds to shape it, so work quickly…carefully take your vinyl off the quart jar,and center it over the pint jar, then I just molded it to make ruffle shapes around the bowl.  It cools rather quickly, so practice makes perfect.  Not that it needs to be ‘perfect’, just perfect in YOUR eyes!  As a precaution, be careful with the vinyl when you take it off and mold it, it  was a bit hot…not too much for me bare handed, but just be careful the first time, and see how you tolerate the temperature.  :)

With my first one, I used a regular bowl to hold the vinyl while I molded it into shape.  I didn’t like how it turned out…it was much larger and less shaped into a bowl (if that makes sense?).  So, I switched to the pint mason jar for shaping.

This is such a fun and easy craft, and best of all you get INSTANT gratification!  I may try some painted or even decoupaged, the possibilities are endless, just like the possible uses for these.  I hope you try it, and if so, send me a link, I’d love to see what you come up with!

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  1. That is a very cool idea. I have never seen this craft before and can't wait to try it.