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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Birthdays and a Keeper!


Well, this past weekend was busy and fun!  My big boys (Nik and Dima) went camping overnight with their dad.  Nik (the birthday boy on Sunday) got to take his best friend along.  They came home Sunday evening, opened presents, ate Mud Pie (Nik’s request as a birthday cake the past two years).  This year it was Peanut Butter ice cream Mud Pie.  Yummy!!  Then, on Monday we had a small party for Sasha’s 6th birthday.  It was so much fun, and he said (several times) “this is the best birthday EVER”.  It was so sweet.  A lot of fun in a short amount of time!  Birthday boy pictures….100_1749

(that is Nik in the black tank, his friend Ryan in the blue shirt, and his brother Dima in the background).



And, there is Sasha, checking out his Spongebob cake…sadly, I didn’t make it this year.  I couldn’t find the figures anywhere, so I went ahead and ordered it.  It was perfect, and he didn’t mind that I didn’t make it for him.






To add to the excitement of the weekend, my resident fisherman, Dima (ok, I have 2 resident fisherman, Dima and his dad!) was sturgeon fishing with his dad (when they went camping) and caught his first keeper!  It was 46” and about 70 pounds…he could barely hold it up…but look at him smiling (that’s about as big as a smile as he has ever had…he’s 14 and very serious…not into all the foolishness of ‘kids’ as he says LOL).

100_1746 So, like I said, a very exciting and fun weekend for everyone!  And, to make it even better (although, technically it was Monday night), I scored a free cabinet on Craigslist, and am in the process of sanding it right now!  I’ll post pictures of the project when I’m done…hopefully by the end of the week.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Got Cupcakes???

Before we talk Cupcakes (yes, I capitalized it…I love them that much!)…I have been crazy with my kids’ VBS this week.  No projects getting done, just running all over town, chasing kids, trying to wear them out from the sugar overload, and preparing for two birthdays next week…Nikolai will turn 12 on Sunday, and Sasha will turn 6 on Monday.  It’s been a bit crazy!  Sorry for the lack of projects, but VBS was absolutely AMAZING this year, and so worth the lack of sleep and the bazillion miles I put on the van (about half of which was spent looking for Spongebob figures for Sasha’s cake)!  I wish they (the Youth Group that came into town from the other side of the state) would come back and do an adult version VBS to inspire and encourage us ‘older kids’.   It was so neat!!! 

ok, now on to the real inspiration for this post…Oh how I love cupcakes!  Not necessarily the kind you eat…although I do love those, but more so, the ones that you can decorate with, wear, etc.  They just make me smile. And, speaking of smiles,  I made some chocolate 100_1740cupcakes, and had to take a picture of my ‘baby’,  Zoya enjoying one!  That’s how you eat a cupcake…you go girl!

Doesn’t that look yummy?    :)

Now, for the ‘other’ cupcakes…About a year ago, I was watching Cupcake Challenge on Food Network, and one of the contestants was wearing a Johnny Cupcakes shirt, with the Cupcake and Crossbones….seriously…I almost had a heart attack!!!  LOVE IT…HAVE TO HAVE IT…(insert sigh ). So, I have been looking (searching, obsessing, frantic, etc) for the past year, for a shirt like that.  Sadly (for me) they are quite popular (ie=quite expensive for my budget)…so I just check ebay every once in a while (drool, dream, wish, sigh) just to look at them.  Then a few days ago, I was at a local thrift store, looking for some fun summer shirts for my kids’ Beach (VBS) theme, and in the boys department, I came across this shirt… can you even believe it??? A Genuine Johnny Cupcakes shirt!!! 100_1744 WOO-HOO!!!  I seriously snagged this little baby and held onto it dearly, until we cleared checkout.  Now, for thrift store clothes, I usually try to stay around $1.99, unless it’s something brand new and name brand.  But, in this case I made an exception.  Now, this is a huge exception, especially when you consider that this would probably fit my 7 year old daughter, and therefore, has no chance of showing up anywhere on my body  (notice I said “would” fit, not “will” fit!).  I didn’t care…I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT.  ahhh (nice sigh of contentment). I paid $4.99 for it…still sticker shocked, but compared to the $30 price for a new one…I’m thrilled!  So, my plans?  Starve myself to try and fit into this awesomely cute shirt???  Yeah right!  (remember, I love chocolate, cupcakes, etc?).  No.  Instead, it has plans to become wall art.  I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do, but in preparation, I’ve already altered the color scheme in my craft room, to accommodate this fantastic little piece of art (previously there was no blue in my room…now there is). Yeah, I’m crazy for cupcakes…hey, that’s kinda catchy….maybe that should’ve been my blog name?  oh well.  So, do you love cupcakes?  Do you have any ideas for transforming a shirt into art??  Please, leave me a comment, and let me know.  I really appreciate your comments!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A wonderful trade…


My friend Stacy who I made the altered clipboard for here in last Friday’s post, has an amazing daughter, named Lauren. She is an amazing young lady, with a heart for the Lord, and she is blessed with many talents, one of which is knitting.  I am floored by her creations!  The quality is amazing, and the colors are just yummy.  She saw her mom’s clipboard and asked if we could trade…one of her creations for one of mine.  Are you kidding???  I LOVE everything she makes…how could I choose??  W100_1736ell, I found this fabulous little Felted Bowl at her store, (  and I just had to have it!  She made it in the color of my choice, which is a scrumptious apricot color…I.LOVE.IT. (I forgot to get a picture of the clipboard, but she requested black and hot pink…it turned out pretty neat, if I do say so myself :)

I think this little cutie will become the home to some cute buttons or other small embellishments in my craft room!  Check out her store to see the other fabulous items she makes! 

I have several projects of my own that need finishing up, but the weather hasn’t been ideal for painting (lurking around 100 degrees!), so hopefully, I can finish them up and show them off SOON!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

An altered clipboard and a pot of Borscht’…what a great Friday!

Well, I started this great Friday morning by making one of my favorite soups: Borscht’.

 100_1708 100_1713

After 14 years of marriage, I have learned to be patient with my cooking.  I am not a big fan of ‘cooking’…I LOVE to bake, however.  So, if you told me I’d stand in the kitchen for 2 1/2 hours straight, then wait another hour and a half before my pot of soup was done, I’d say you were CRAZY!  But, like I said, I’m learning patience (I’m a work in progress!).  I started at 8:30 this morning, and at 11:30 I left the kitchen for the first time…it generally takes me 4 hours from start to finish for this soup, but it is soooo worth it! So, here I am at


7:30pm, and I just had my first bowl of soup…(it’s been a busy day).  It was worth the wait (and the time!)… let me also acknowledge that I was very spoiled (when it came to food) growing up.  I am the youngest of 3 girls, and my mom would make me a different dinner from everyone else (probably to keep me quiet, because I am a red head, and can be quite stubborn!).  So, fast forward several years, to when I met my husband:  still (food) spoiled.  Don’t get me wrong, I can go with pancakes for dinner, or even cold pizza, or cereal…BUT when he told me I had to put mayonnaise in my Borscht’, I about lost it!  Of course, I tried it (and he was right), it totally changes the taste of the soup, and blends the flavors together in a beautiful way. I know it sounds gross…may even look gross…but it tastes AMAZING!  I’d post the recipe, in case there are any of you brave enough to take on this challenge of time…but I don’t really have one (I cook it from memory), plus, it takes 4 hours…and about a million steps are involved!  IF you are interested, let me know, and I can get the recipe to you!  Again, you won’t be sorry…it’s that good!

As if the marathon of soup making wasn’t enough to keep me busy this morning, I made my friend Stacy an altered clipboard. She just had a wonderful new home built, and I wasn’t sure of colors or decor, so I didn’t want to make her something for the house just yet, but I wanted her to know how happy I am for her family….so, in my logical mind the next best thing was a clipboard. (hmmm, that totally doesn’t even make sense), but I LOVE my clipboard…I keep two in my craft room, and one in the van.  My Van clippie has my coupons attached, and then when I go grocery shopping, I clip my list and menu to it, so I can shop in style!  :)  I love lists and organization and clipboards are a natural part of that in my life…and now that I can make them pretty, why not?? 

100_1718 100_1716

I hope you are inspired to spend time in the kitchen, or time crafting…or both!  Please leave a comment so I know you were here :)

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can’t beat a FREE chair!

I love Craigslist…well, most days I love Craigslist.  When I try to sell something and get a ton of spam, then I don’t love them so much.  But, when I get something FREE…the love is back.  This little beauty was free. 

100_1676Can you even imagine, someone put her out by the garbage can and left her there.  When I saw the ad, I knew it was meant to be.  I ran (actually drove) over as quickly as possible (without getting a ticket), and there she was (insert sigh here…).  I love this chair.  It is sooooo incredibly comfortable, and one day, when I get the nerve to try and reupholster her, she will be beautiful again.  Of course, I think she is already beautiful, and warm, and inviting…oh yeah, I LOVE this chair!  Hopefully I will try the reupholstering  thing soon, so I can post her “After” photo!  I’m a bit nervous about it, though…does anyone have any suggestions/helpful hints/airfare to fly over and help me…just kidding (not really, if you want to help I’ll meet you at the airport!).  Anyway, I’m linking up to some fun parties…go check them out and join the party with one of your fabulous projects!



6 Inches of Ribbon

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paper Storage Cabinet

Well, this project has taken FOR.EV.ER.  and a day, or even two!  I have been wanting a better way to organize my papers, because I had been throwing them into a drawer in my craft dresser…unfortunately, they were getting wrinkled and torn, and I was getting more and more frustrated.  So for about a year, I’ve been wanting a better solution.  Many things were wished for and dreamed of, but sadly, my budget was not cooperating.  So, I found this little cabinet at a yard sale for $5 (I’m sorry I cannot show a ‘before’ picture, but my camera100_1701, or computer, or  memory card, has decided to pick and choose which pictures will be downloaded…and that is one that apparently didn’t make the cut!).  Anyhoo,  this cabinet was in sad shape.  On the top little door, it had a glass insert, which was broken in about three places.  The back had a huge hole torn out of it…not cut, torn…it looked sad!  The top was coming off, worn in places, chewed in places, and with many water stains.  The sides were no better, with water damage and peeling wood inserts.  BUT, for $5, I just couldn’t leave her there.  I didn’t even think of using her for paper storage, I just knew I wanted her!  Then, the work began, as I broke out the glass window and replaced it with wood, embellished with a little medallion.  Then, I couldn’t quite afford real bead board, so I scored some clearance paintable wallpaper, in Bead Board pattern at Home Depot…$3.23 a roll!!! Woo-Hoo!!!  I applied that to the three remaining sides.  I also replaced the top with about 1/4 of a  $6 piece of underlayment I bought at Home Depot.  (We also used this wood on our Metal Photo Holder project).  That wood didn’t look quite like I wanted, so I found a cabinet door at our local Habitat ReStore, and it fit perfectly100_1702!  Somewhere during the process, a light bulb went off, and I realized this would be a great paper storage cabinet.  It already had dividers inside, and while it didn’t provide quite as much space as I initially wanted, it would still be better than the drawer!  I painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze, and distressed it a bit, and now I love it!  As I said, it wasn’t quite as much storage as I needed, so I had been on the lookout for some sort of shelf that I could add to it, on the back side (my sister scored me a FREE rolling base, so I would be able to turn it around and access the paper stored on the back).  Well, those (doctor’s office type) shelves are EXPENSIVE…way out of my budget.  Then,at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago, I scored an old oak colored wood magazine holder (for 50 cents!).  Another light bulb…what if we cut it in half and attached it to the back of my cabinet??? Hubby said it was do-able, so that’s just what we did.  My original plan was to attach both halves of it to the back of the cabinet, but it didn’t fit properly, so I just attached one…100_1704but it’s awesome!  I think I’ll keep my Christmas papers in the back side, since I don’t use them as often as the other papers in my collection.  So, here you have my completed paper storage cabinet!  What do you think??? I am thrilled to have my papers safe and easily accessible. 


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Flag Project

Woo-Hoo!  I finally finished my flag project.  I got inspiration from a couple of fab blogs, including Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick (her blog is rockin’), which gave me courage to try my own version.  I had a friend give me a set of wood slat blinds, but there was no hardware, so he figured I’d use them for a craft…he was right!  I used my hand saw and miter box to cut the slats to size.  Instead of painting them, I covered them with scrapbook paper.  I had a wood  Christmas star ornament, that originally had “noel” across the front, but I tore that off, so I could use the star on my flag. I glued the slats to a scrap piece of wood, for stability. Then, to finish it off, I wanted to add some words that I associate with Independence Day…I used my little individual stamp set (from Craft Warehouse), and stamped “Liberty”, “Sacrifice”, “Freedom”, and “One Nation Under God”.  Those words, to me, signify what this holiday is all about.  

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clock Make Over


So here is the clock in my craft room.  It started out as a plain black and white clock…very boring, and honestly, very ugly.  But, since it was free (thanks sis!), I decided to play with it.  I popped the little plastic cover off the face, added scrapbook paper that coordinated with my room, and a little bling on the flower.  Then I just put the plastic top back on, and added stickers for time markers, to the outside, (so that when I change my mind, which I do often, I can change them up a bit).  It’s now a little prettier, and totally matches the other cuties in my craft room.  I’m linking to It’s a Hodgepodge Friday…  Go check out that fabulous site and all the fun ideas!

Live Writer???

ok, so under trusted advice, I am trying out Live Writer…BUT, I am no computer genius…I barely function as it is, and now I am totally confused!  HELP!  When I go to my blog and go to enter a new post, it doesn’t automatically take me to Live Writer, it still goes through Blogger.  How do I (or even, can I) change this?  I need it as simple as possible…yeah…I’m old…not too terribly computer literate either! :)