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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updating the Knife Block

A while back, I saw Allison’s (House of Hepworth) knife block update…it looks amazing, and seemed pretty simple.  Well, the idea was there, but, alas, I’m a procrastinator!  FINALLY, after months of staring at my really (really, really) old and ugly block,  I’ve had enough.  I took it outside, and had my son sand the life out of it (it was really ugly and old and beat up). What an improvement…even just sanding it was amazing. But, we’re not done yet…I sprayed it with primer, then added about 3 coats of flat black, then 2 coats of my fave, Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Ahhh, it looks so much better.  But, we’re not done yet.  I wanted to add some vinyl…but what???  Allison’s monogram looks amazing, but then, “H”s are cool and swirly and fun.  “U”s…not so much. There just isn’t a cute swirly U on my cricut cartridges…so what to do…well, I thought about putting “knives”, like I had seen on another blog (can’t remember you,sorry)…but that got vetoed…hmmm…so, I just decided to be funny, and put the ‘chop, chop’ on there. I love how it turned out!!!

Now, for the bummer of this project…I took ‘before’ pictures (good blogger), and today when I took ‘after’ pictures and went to download them, I found that I had no memory card in the camera uggggggggggggggggggggghhhh. EXTREME disappointment!  I don’t have the cable to connect the camera to the computer, so I found a stock photo, of a block somewhat like mine…

of course, mine was dinged up and dirty and way uglier than this.  oh well, I  guess I’ll need to invest in that cable (just in case).

But, here are the after pictures:



so purdy!  I love it!  And, I wanted to add the funky green, because it matches my Kitchenaid,.  I love the pear. Smile  It makes me so darn happy!

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just a note:  after looking at my blog, the font makes my word ‘darn’ look like a bit of a cuss word, so trust me, it really says “d a r n “ Smile

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday was my oldest son’s 15th Birthday.  I would’ve posted about it then, however he is shy,and didn’t want me to. ( Today, it’s ok.)  So, here we are…where has the time gone?  It can’t possibly have been 15 years ago that I first fell in love with this little man (now a big man…taller than me already!)…wow…he has blessed me in so many ways.  He is thoughtful, kind, funny, always willing to help me, a great big brother and  friend to his siblings,  and is my crafting buddy.  He loves to fish,  read, knit, loves to help me with dinner and also enjoys board games and playing cards. He is wonderful!



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Girls’ Weekend!

This last weekend was fantastic…both of my sisters were here…at my house!  My oldest sister, Kim, lives in Idaho, and I only get to see her once a year (if I’m lucky).  My other sister, Tammy, lives in Finley, and I see her all the time (yay!).   To make it even better, my husband and all three boys went camping! It was truly a girls’ weekend.  Smile

girls weekend 011

Tammy-Kim- Me

girls weekend 004

Eliana – Zoya (we don’t have the pool up yet, so they made do, with water in the wheel barrow and wagon). 

It was so relaxing and just absolutely enjoyable to visit and laugh and make fun of each other, just like old times… just us girls!


On another note, my email is still messed up, so I’ve changed it, in hopes of actually getting my messages…I’m so sorry if you’ve contacted me and I haven’t responded (especially Janine and Gail), but I literally got about 15 messages today (some even dated back to January!).  The poor woman who’s been inundated with my messages just forwarded them to me.  I’m hoping the problem is solved!

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