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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I saw these adorable gift card holders last night on SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS and fell in love!  I’ll admit right here and now, I am NOT a stamper.  What they create is beyond amazing!  It boggles my mind how they can do so much with stamps!  I, on the other hand, can barely get a stamp to work without leaving ink marks all over the place (as evidenced by one of my cards, I had to ‘embellish’ a bit to camouflage the unwanted ink marks!). So, I guess  I’m stamp-impared!  To make mine, I did the next best thing (for me anyway) and used printed paper.  The only thing I stamped was the “To/From” part, and honestly, if I had thought ahead, I would have printed that out on the computer before I cut the paper!  Anyway, mine are not in the same league as the ones at Splitcoast, but I am still really happy (really, really happy) with how they turned out.  I’m going to make a bunch more to sell at the craft show in December…I hope everyone else likes them as much as I do!  And, they were super easy to make (super easy my way, that is!).







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p.s.  There a about  million tutorials out there for making these, but some are complicated.  If you want my super easy directions, just contact me and I’ll put them on here! Smile

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I can’t believe I won!  Jamie, over at OWL REALLY had a giveaway recently…and I actually won!  I received my 250 stickers today.  They are so gorgeous!! I love them.  I am planning on using them to mark my crafts at the Christmas Bazaar this year.

021(sorry for the poopy picture, but this was as close as I could get with my poopy camera…someday how I wish for a  great big camera with a great big lens…someday…) was so easy to work with and they printed and shipped my stickers really quickly.  It was awesome.  Thank you Jamie!  If you haven’t visited her blog, hop on over.  She is so sweet and genuine, and is a very happy newlywed.  The wedding pictures are amazing…they took me to another time and place.  It was all so romantic and sweet.  Anyway, she is amazing!  Go check out her blog!

On another note, I’m sorry for the lack of posts.  August has been full of dentist visits and it wiped me out (not to mention the heat).  I’ve been working on some things, but haven’t had a chance to put it all together yet.  But, I’m working on it ;)

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