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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



ok, so I’m a bit late in announcing it, but WOO-HOO!!  I was featured at House of Hepworths (for my Frosted Mason Jars), you can see it here.  I didn’t even know until several days later, because, although she sent me a comment, it got stuck in ‘moderation’, and I never check over there (well, now I do!).  I was so excited!  Her blog is amazing.  Allison is so creative and talented, and I was just floored that she’d even look twice at my little ole crafts!!!  So, while I’ve been crazy with crafts these past weeks (sorry for the lack of posts!), I thought it was about time I shared my excitement with you!  (Yeah, I’m still like a little kid with my blog…I’m always so excited when someone leaves me a comment).  It is sometimes scary to share your passions and creativity,  in fear of rejection, but everyone has been so kind (especially with my ‘dork’ post!).  I think the last craft (ugly wreath!) kind of shook me…silly, I know, but it didn’t turn out like I wanted, and I could hear the crickets (still can), after writing that post.  I felt very alone in my failure.  Rediculous, I know…anyway, what do you do when your horse bucks you off?  That’s right, you get right back on!  So, I’ve been crafting for the Bazaar, where it’s comfortable.  I need to find another new project to shake things up again…I think I’m ready…

Thank you all for stopping by! I will be posting more crafts this week, I promise!!

Have a good night…