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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love clipboards!  They are so versatile,and you can decorate them to match any d├ęcor or theme you want…the sky is the limit! 

Our good friend’s daughter just had her first baby (a boy) and I wanted to make her a unique gift.  I wandered around Craft Warehouse forever before I decided on a small clipboard.  It was only $1.00 and I knew I could personalize it, so I found some nice paper that was boyish (but not babyish) and headed home.  All I did was glue the paper onto the clipboard (with Mod Podge) and added ribbon embellishment.  Then I used my Silhouette to cut his name and some cute trucks out of vinyl, and added them as well. I absolutely love how it turned out!

Danner 001

Danner 004

I didn’t have a picture of him, but I wanted to put something on the clip (so she would know what I intended the clipboard for).  I think it turned out really cute, and I like that it will be very easy for her to change the picture as he grows…all she has to do is unclip it!  LOVE IT!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sometimes, I just don’t know what gets into me…as a homeschooling mama, I used my (huge) dry erase board ALL.THE.TIME.  But then one day, I got a wild idea that I no longer needed said board, and scrapped it into another project.  Huh?  What?  Why in the world would I do that?  Like I said, sometimes I get a little cuckoo.  So this year, I have 5 kids who are schooling, and while the big boys don’t need me to use the dry erase board as much anymore, I have found it would have come in very handy with the little 3.  But, alas, I destroyed it.  And, since I am cheap thrifty, I won’t be spending big bucks on a new one.  I started scanning Craigslist and Ebay, but they were simply more than I was willing to spend.  Then, inspiration struck.  I remembered a roll of peel and stick dry erase paper I bought a few months ago at Home Depot…it was in the clearance section for $1.50, so of course, I snagged it!  Then it sat in my craft room…until now! 

dry erase clipboard 001

I took an old ugly clipbard from Goodwill, added the contact dry erase paper, then added some cute scrapbook paper and embellishments, and voila!

dry erase clipboard 004

I now have a handy and portable dry erase board!  It’s not as big as I’d like, but for now, it works perfectly (and, as a bonus, it’s cute!  I just think a little cuteness goes a long way to making our days a bit brighter!). This was super easy and super cheap! It hangs on the wall wherever I need it, and the pen tucks nicely behind the clip.  If you don’t need it for school, the clipboard could also be used for phone messages, weekly menus, chore charts, grocery lists…the possibilities are endless! 

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Friday, January 13, 2012


OK, I have to admit, I love this sign.  But, when I just looked at it, I thought “why do I need my name on a sign in my house?”.  Well, I don’t know why…I just do…that’s why!  I first made one of these for my good friend’s parents, for Christmas.  Their sign turned out so cute, I really couldn’t stop looking at it.  Sadly (for me) I finished it right before I had to give it up (it was Christmas, afterall), and I didn’t even get a picture (bad crafter!).

ushakov sign 002

The other one I made is my favorite…it was so easy to make and the fonts looked better than these…but, that’s ok.  This one is mine Smile    I am going to totally change the look of  my living room this spring (painting, changing furniture, etc), and I cannot wait!  It’s kind of scary, though…but a good kind of scary!  I have an idea of how I am going to hang this in the ‘new’ living room, so for now, it is stashed away.

This was my inexpensive ‘cheater’ version:

1.  Buy already painted wood sign at Craft Warehouse (around $3.00)

2.  Add vinyl (already had)

3.  Add mod podge top coat (already had)

4.  Hang on wall

5.  Stand back and admire

Hopefully this summer I will learn how to use my router, so I can make cute little wood boards all by my self…until then, this ‘cheater’ version is fine.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look Who Found the Lipstick!

Oh Zoya!  She thought she was doing such a good job, and was just walking around the house like she was all that…so I asked her if I could take her picture…of course she said “YES”!  Then, I told her to go look in the mirror…she did, and then promptly started wiping the lipstick off!  It was so cute.  She had no idea what her little face was looking like!  ( And, the lines going across her eyes and bridge of her nose were eyeliner!). So cute.  These are the memories I cherish!  Smile




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Friday, January 6, 2012


(This post is a bit late, but it has been crazy here! )

Eliana turned 9 on December 23rd.


She is spunky, funny, sweet and always tries to make you happy.  She loves to color, play with Barbies and help me in the kitchen.  She is growing up into a sweet young lady and I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes her.  She is the first girl in the family, and I always wanted my daughter to be named “Lilly” after my grandma…however, as I prayed during this pregnancy, I was led to the name “Eliana” which is Hebrew, and means “The Lord has answered me”.   She is such a blessing to our family!

Happy Birthday, Sis.