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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Birthday Girl

December 23rd was my daughter Eliana’s 8th birthday.  She was counting down the days the entire month, and asked me to make a Birthday countdown set…which I tried to get done, but with the snow (and no garage), I just couldn’t go out and sand and paint like I needed to.  (Of course, now, we are having beautiful, sunny days.).  Anyway, I’ll be making that countdown as soon as I can get out there!  In the meantime, she had a wonderful day.  She requested home made pizza pockets for lunch and potato soup for dinner.  Pretty easy, and totally yummy.  It made me feel good, because we always take our kids out to dinner on their birthday, but she chose my potato soup instead (smile, sigh, smile again!).  For her cake, she requested a Marionberry Pie (Tillamook) Mud Pie.  It is so easy, and very tasty.  If you’ve never made one, all you need is a tub of ice cream, a tub of Cool Whip, a package of Oreos and some Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (although, I have made it with Nutter Butters for the Crust and Caramel ice cream topping instead of the Chocolate…it all depends on your favorite flavors).  Crush the oreos and put in the bottom of a 9x13 baker.  Drizzle Chocolate over that.  Spread the softened ice cream, then spread more chocolate syrup, finally top with cool whip and freeze.  I don’t even like ice cream, but I love a mud pie! We were all skeptical about her choice of Marionberry Pie to go with the chocolate, but it was amazing! 

Eliana is sweet, gentle-spirited, forgiving, quick to offer help and always offering hugs, and loves to cook and bake with me.  She looks forward to when Zoya is a bit older and the three of us can have “girl time”.     Her name is Hebrew, and means “God has answered me”, and He truly did more than answer me…He blessed me.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!


















Oh, and she LOVES to make faces…very dramatic…very much a young girl!  :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

I can’t wait to get going on some new crafts…and I can’t wait to hear from you. I love to read your comments and visit you, to see what you’ve been up to.

Subway art and Christmas Countdown Clipboard

HI!!!  I hope you all had a  wonderful Christmas… We sure did!  I’m finally getting to a couple of pictures (that should’ve been posted at the beginning of the month!).  The pink Countdown Calendar is one of my favorites…sadly it didn’t sell at the craft show.  I knew when I made it, that it would take a special person to buy that one…a very ‘girly-girl’ kind of person.  Since it didn’t sell, it became a Christmas gift for a sweet little 3 year old girl, who is friends with my sweet 3 year old…and she LOVED it! 

The Subway is a special one I made for a very special friend.  On the other side, is the “O Holy Night” (like in this post), but I wanted to personalize this side, so I put words that symbolize our relationship.  She’s a wonderful friend, a sweet woman of Christ, and is truly like a sister to me…I love her and am so thankful to be blessed with her friendship.100_2043








Thanks for stopping by…tomorrow I’ll show you what my very special friend gave me for Christmas!!! (I’m still freaking out!).

Friday, December 24, 2010


Tomorrow will be a crazy, wonderful, busy, joyous family day, so I’m wishing you all blessings tonight!  Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 8th birthday (pictures will be on Sunday or  Monday), and today was spent giving little bits of goodies to our neighbors and other special people.  It has gone so quickly!  It seems like the older I get, the quicker Christmas comes and goes…  I hope you all have a peaceful day, surrounded by those you love!



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Girl

I can’t believe my baby is three!  Time really does go by too quickly…(sigh).   I spent this past week enjoying my kids and getting ready for Zoya’s big day.  It was so nice to just relax and be ‘mom’ this week, I know I needed it as much as the kids did!  Zoya is such a blessing to our family…she is funny and busy and caring and daring and silly and smart and a big bundle of love.  She still lets me rock her and snuggles in bed with me most mornings.  She brings so much joy and laughter and love to our family and I am so thankful for this little girl!





With her Minnie Mouse cake





Showing off her new tutu









With Mr. Grinch (so cute!)




100_2039 Enjoying some frosting in her new jammies.

Well, now that I’ve had a whole week off, I am going to start crafting again…finishing up some last minute Christmas gifts for my friends and family.  Thank you for stopping by!


(on a side note, there appears to be a bit of a mix-up with my gmail account and someone else’s account.  She has been getting my emails and comments…so if you’ve tried to contact me, and I didn’t respond…I apologize.  We’re hoping to get this fixed soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I survived my first Christmas Bazaar!

Yay!  I survived.  And had fun.  And met lots of nice people.  And made a bit of a profit.  It was exhausting, but so totally worth it.  I’m glad I did it, and we already have plans for next year!  This is what my part of our booth looked like (I only had one picture of Lauren’s half, and it didn’t turn out…BUT her creations were amazing.  She is so talented, and it was such a blessing to spend the day with her!).



















And here are some close ups of the subway art I made:


I love this saying.  I’ve seen it all over blogland, so I’ll try to

track down where I found it, so I can give her credit!  (***NOTE:  I searched

all over, and cannot find where I found it, or where I saw the cute

raffia idea…if it’s you,  please contact me, so I can give you credit!!).

I made these double sided…each one had a Christmas saying and on the

other side, either fall themed saying, or the “Say…” one.  I liked the idea of

being able to use them more than just at Christmas.































Well, that’s my sharing for today. Thank you for your patience with me…it’s been a crazy 2 weeks!  Next year, I’m definitely going to start planning earlier…2 months is just not enough (when you add in 5 kids, a husband and homeschooling!).  Crazy.  anyway, it’s too much fun to give up on :)

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