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Friday, January 13, 2012


OK, I have to admit, I love this sign.  But, when I just looked at it, I thought “why do I need my name on a sign in my house?”.  Well, I don’t know why…I just do…that’s why!  I first made one of these for my good friend’s parents, for Christmas.  Their sign turned out so cute, I really couldn’t stop looking at it.  Sadly (for me) I finished it right before I had to give it up (it was Christmas, afterall), and I didn’t even get a picture (bad crafter!).

ushakov sign 002

The other one I made is my favorite…it was so easy to make and the fonts looked better than these…but, that’s ok.  This one is mine Smile    I am going to totally change the look of  my living room this spring (painting, changing furniture, etc), and I cannot wait!  It’s kind of scary, though…but a good kind of scary!  I have an idea of how I am going to hang this in the ‘new’ living room, so for now, it is stashed away.

This was my inexpensive ‘cheater’ version:

1.  Buy already painted wood sign at Craft Warehouse (around $3.00)

2.  Add vinyl (already had)

3.  Add mod podge top coat (already had)

4.  Hang on wall

5.  Stand back and admire

Hopefully this summer I will learn how to use my router, so I can make cute little wood boards all by my self…until then, this ‘cheater’ version is fine.

I’m linking up at MY REPURPOSED LIFE, so go and get inspired to try something new!

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