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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sometimes, I just don’t know what gets into me…as a homeschooling mama, I used my (huge) dry erase board ALL.THE.TIME.  But then one day, I got a wild idea that I no longer needed said board, and scrapped it into another project.  Huh?  What?  Why in the world would I do that?  Like I said, sometimes I get a little cuckoo.  So this year, I have 5 kids who are schooling, and while the big boys don’t need me to use the dry erase board as much anymore, I have found it would have come in very handy with the little 3.  But, alas, I destroyed it.  And, since I am cheap thrifty, I won’t be spending big bucks on a new one.  I started scanning Craigslist and Ebay, but they were simply more than I was willing to spend.  Then, inspiration struck.  I remembered a roll of peel and stick dry erase paper I bought a few months ago at Home Depot…it was in the clearance section for $1.50, so of course, I snagged it!  Then it sat in my craft room…until now! 

dry erase clipboard 001

I took an old ugly clipbard from Goodwill, added the contact dry erase paper, then added some cute scrapbook paper and embellishments, and voila!

dry erase clipboard 004

I now have a handy and portable dry erase board!  It’s not as big as I’d like, but for now, it works perfectly (and, as a bonus, it’s cute!  I just think a little cuteness goes a long way to making our days a bit brighter!). This was super easy and super cheap! It hangs on the wall wherever I need it, and the pen tucks nicely behind the clip.  If you don’t need it for school, the clipboard could also be used for phone messages, weekly menus, chore charts, grocery lists…the possibilities are endless! 

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