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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Completed “HOME” Set (Finally!)

WOO-HOO!  I finally completed the order for 2 “Home” sets!  I really like how they turned out, and, being as this was my first official ‘order’, I learned a lot.  I’ll warn you there are a lot of pictures…

home set and fireworks 002Cutie Snowman

home set and fireworks 004Valentine’s Heart

home set and fireworks 005Shamrock

home set and fireworks 006Easter Egg

home set and fireworks 008Flower

home set and fireworks 010Sun

home set and fireworks 0154th of July Star (other side is Christmas)

home set and fireworks 012Pumpkin

home set and fireworks 014Christmas Star (other side is 4th of July)

This is one complete set.  There are 8 “o” variations (with countless other possibilities, but I had to stop the madness).    I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  Eventually I’ll even make a set for myself…but right now I’ve got other orders to work on, plus the Christmas Bazaar is fast approaching, and with the uncooperative weather we’ve been having, I have to work double time (before the heat hits!). 

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I’m joining the party:



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  1. Kelli!!! soo cute! :)
    stop the madnes.... hahahah

    Christmas bazaar???


  2. Oh I LOVE those!!! I wish I was in the US so I could pop over and buy one of those from you. I love the shamrock and heart! You are so beautifully creative. Go Kelli!!!!!!!